Client Services

For Clients

HI-TEK Dynamics specializes in the Life Sciences marketplace. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the right candidates for our clients. Technical qualifications and experience are really "table stakes", we understand that what matters is a candidate's ability to fit and thrive within an organization professionally and culturally and tailor our screening process around this knowledge. We do not believe in sending resumes 'en masse', rather we prefer to send only those candidates that have been fully screened and who are not only interested and excited about the opportunity, but fit well with your organization's values and goals.

HI-TEK Dynamics consists of a highly experienced team of individuals that specialize in Biotechnology and the Life Sciences. When you engage HTD, Inc., you are employing not only our recruiting expertise and services, but the skills and knowledge of team members who have been in hiring manager roles. We are also proponents of using technology in furthering our ability to create a streamlined process that makes your job easier, but gives you full visibility into our workflow from search to placement.

Being independently owned and operated allows us a level of freedom that may not be found at some other larger firms. We are able, with our autonomy, to mold each search to both Client Company and Client Candidate needs.

Our Promise To You

We will:

  • Only send those candidates that are qualified for your position(s)
  • Screen each candidate to ensure he/she meets your qualifications
  • Maintain a high ethical standard throughout the whole search process by:
    • Only sending candidates that have given us permission to be submitted
    • Only sending candidates that have assured us that they have not previously been submitted by another agency or have previously submitted themselves through other means
    • Always maintaining professional courtesy
    • Respecting client company and client candidate confidentiality wishes
  • Be accessible throughout the whole search process
  • Provide references upon request